Sigil: A web interface to consult Linear A documents

This is the code for the web interface of SigLA. We describe the organisation of the code as well as the format of the database.

The source code is available here.

The SigLA databases

First, let us describe the SigLA databases. There are two databases:

The database is a simple directory with: - A sign.json file containing the database of signs (see below) - A certain hierarchy of directories and subdirectories, whose name do not matter. Each leaf directory represents a document, and should contain the following files: - A file <document name>.png which should be the image of the whole document. - A file <document name>_<occurrence number>.png per sign occurrrence on the tablet - A file meta.json holding information about the database.

The format of sign.json should be a list of sign, as described by the OCaml code in core/sign.mli. The format of meta.json should be an object adhering to the OCaml type in core/document.mli

The architecture of the code